• The NEW Nut-Free Mom: A Crash Course in Caring for Your Nut-Allergic Child by Jenny Kales
  • One Of The Gang by Gina Clowes
  • How to Manage Your Child’s Life-Threatening Food Allergies: Practical Tips for Everyday Life by Linda Marienhoff Coss
  • The Peanut Allergy Answer Book by Michael Young
  • Understanding and Managing your Child’s Food Allergies by Dr. Scott Sicherer
  • The Food Allergy Experience by Dr. Ruchi S Gupta MD MPH & Denise Bunning


  • The Princess and the Peanut: A Royally Allergic Tale by Sue Ganz-Schmitt and Micah Chambers-Goldberg
  • Allie the Allergic Elephant by Nicole Smith
  • The Bugabees: Friends With Food Allergies by Amy Recob
  • Food Allergies and Me: A Children’s Book by Junper Skinner
  • The Day I Met The Nuts by Mary Rand Hess
  • The No Biggie Bunch Everyday Cool with Food Allergies by MMSc Michael Pistiner MD
  • Alexander Storybook Series – available at FARE (FAAN)


Food Allergy Awareness Items – Stickers, Tattoos, Lunch Bags, Signs, Cards and more!


Allergic Living

Living Without






Allergy & Asthma Information in U.S. & Canada


  • CSACI (Canadian Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology)


Information for Schools


“Managing Food Allergies in School – What School Staff Needs to Know” (video/slideshow) from AllergyHome

“Food Allergies and Schools: Keeping Students Safe And Ready To Learn” (video) from NSBA –

Food Allergy Video Clips from NSBA –

“How to C.A.R.E. for Students with Food Allergies: What Educators Should Know” (online training) from

Free Downloads from FARE:

NCHS Data Brief  “Food Allergy Among U.S. Children: Trends in Prevalence and Hospitalizations” 

National School Safety and Security –

CDC – “Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Early Care and Education Centers”

NEA Health Information Network: “Food Allergy Book: What School Employees Need to Know”

St. Louis Children’s Hospital: “Food Allergy Management & Education” (FAME)



School Nutrition Association – Food Allergy Resources podcasts/webinars

CDC’s “Food-Safe Schools Action Guide”

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Resources for Special Needs/Food Allergies:

FAACT’s “Guidelines for Food Service Personnel in Schools”



Food Allergy Toolkit for School Nurses

Tools To Help School Nurses Educate Faculty and Staff 

Auvi-Q how-to video:

EpiPen how-to video:

Adrenaclick how-to video:

Mylan’s EpiPen4schools (See if your school can qualify for free Epipens)


Bus Drivers

FAACT’s “Bus Drivers and Transportation Checklist”

FAACT’s “Bus Drivers and Transportation” 



FARE’s Checklist for Teachers:


Activities for Students


Label Reading




Safe Snacks

  • Snack Safely has a list of peanut, nut and egg free snacks. Make sure you get the updated list!! And ALWAYS check the label of products before purchasing!


Field Trips

FAACT’s “Field Trips for School Personnel”


 Sample Letters

Sample Letters from Allergy Safe Communities



Informational Letter “Does your child’s classmate have a peanut allergy?”


Food Allergy Action Plans



State and National Guidelines


National School Board Association – “Safe at School and Ready to Learn: A Comprehensive Policy Guide for Protecting Students with Life-threatening Food Allergies”


Several states have developed guidelines:




Wrightslaw (Special Education Law on 504/IEP)

U.S. Department of Education:

“Section 504 Primer for Parents & Educators of Children with Food Allergy and Asthma” by Education & Advocacy Solutions

“Section 504 Plan Outline” by Education & Advocacy Solutions

“Section 504 and Written Management Plans” by FARE

“504 plans for food allergies & anaphylaxis” by Team Anaphylaxis

Individualized Health Care Plans vs. Section 504 Plans by KFA(video)

Support Groups/Playgroups


Kid’s With Food Allergies-

No Nuts Mom’s Group –


Anaphylaxis Canada –




The resources listed above are provided for informational purposes only. They are intended to be used as a guide to assist you in working with your doctor/allergist and team members. Neither the author nor Peanut Free Zone, LLC is responsible for the content of these resources, sites or organizations. Any information found should not replace professional medical advice. Please discuss all questions of a medical nature with your doctor/allergist.